About Lily

Lily travels regularly to shows and events to learn these new techniques and meet other professionals in the industry. 

About Lily Pham, CEO of LashN LLC 

During adolescence, Lily Pham started working in her parents’ nail salon where she gained knowledge and experience from her many talented co-workers. She gained an interest in eyelash extensions at the age of 18. 

The early lash extensions are the classic version which is about .20-.30 thickness on one natural lash. The adhesive at that time took too long time to dry – 30 seconds to one minute per lash. Obviously this drying time means it takes forever to finish a set of 30-60 lashes per eye. 

As time progressed, lash extensions in the beauty industry advanced, using finer lash extensions and faster adhesive to create a much healthier and fuller lash set for clients. Lily has found her passion to do lashes again! She travelled across the United States and even internationally to learn all she could from the pros. 

From meeting other lash artists, beauty scientists and international lash judges, Certified International Lash Master Lily Pham teaches others about lash extensions. She has competed in many international lash competitions and has placed 1st and many others. 

Brow and lash enhancement can change your appearance to look more youthful and fresher without makeup. You can wake up or jump out the shower looking fresh and done up without doing anything extra. When you are confident in your look, you will feel happy and look younger. 
Save time on your beauty routine in your busy life no matter your profession. Looking beautiful effortlessly is what Lily strive for her clients. 

Beyond lashes, turn to Lily for microblading your brows. Focused on only doing her best work, Lily spent 3-4 hours a night on microblade brow training. After class, she stayed in her room doing homework and ordering room service while others were out eating and sightseeing. 

She continues to take courses in the beauty industry for lip & eyeliner and permanent makeup to help her clients look more beautiful and youthful.

She wanted to perfect everything and has continued with many hours of practice and taken more microblading courses to perfect her skills to better serve her clients. 

Learning from great masters around the world, Lily strived to improve her skill set in the beauty industry to provide top-notch service to clients like you. “Bring youth to your eyes” is her favorite slogan. This is just the beginning of her journey in the beauty industry – there many years to come. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with us. 
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