Make your eyebrows say "Wow!" 

Microblading is a form of surface level semi- permanent tattooing. The pigment is embedded between the dermis and epidermis layer of your skin, manually with a handheld tool that has a number of needle blades, or a microblading machine with a 1-5 extension  needles headpiece. Doing the machines can last longer than the manual traditional microblading. 

The microblading process involves the initial microblading plus a complimentary 4-6 week touch up if needed. After that you can get touch ups every 6-12 months. Fading occurs faster for younger girls and whoever is very active (like sweating or oily skin. Also, tanning and some skin resurrection procedures, can cause rejuvenated of skin cell faster.) It can last 1-3 yrs. After 12 months then you will pay for full microblading price. You will have the shape there once the fading happens, you can always pencil or powder it in until your touch-up. It's just whatever at your convenience of not having to draw your brows in a lot. 

Depending on where you go, microblading ranges from $500-ish to $1500. You should research carefully and chose your microblading artist wisely. Going cheaper isn't the best option especially for something permanent like your brows. 

Questions that you should ask before scheduling an appointment for microblading: Do you tan easily or burn? What is your natural skin tone, hair color, and eye color? We need pictures of your frontal view and side view with and without makeup so we can come up with the design and color for you. Let us know your availability and we let you know if we have an opening that fits your schedule. Appointments are limited due to the busy schedule. Prices are different for the technique chosen. 

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